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Yachts for sale - Boats for Sale - New/Used/Pre-Owned
Boats for Sale - Yachts for sale - New/Used/Pre-Owned™ was designed on behalf of BUC Members to serve
individuals who are interested in buying, selling or chartering a boat or yacht. It is the only professional marine website offering thousands of yachts and boats guaranteed for sale or charter. Individual boat buyers, sellers and charterers can view details of all the boats listed on the BUCNET MLS and choose one of our professional boat dealer or yacht broker Members to help with the transaction. With thousands of additions and changes each month, is a valuable resource for those planning to buy, sell or charter a boat or yacht. The goal of is to empower you by supplying an honest and helpful reference to simplify your decision making process.’s Yachts for Sale Search - Research is an important first step in the process of buying or chartering a yacht. To help you learn more about the wide variety of yachts on today's market, we invite you to use BUC’s Boats for Sale Search, available on Your search results will be relevant to your interests, because you can limit your search to a specific boat type, price, length, year, or any of six other characteristics. Scanning thousands of listings, BUC’s Yachts/Boats for Sale Search provides the most comprehensive information about the availability, location and pricing of yachts/boats and charters, anywhere in the world.

The yacht brokerage industry is experiencing major changes in the way that consumers obtain information. Buying or selling a yacht or boat has become increasingly complex, and without dependable information, finding the perfect buyer or seller has grown increasingly difficult. will make your buying, selling or chartering experience rewarding, easy and fun. Visit and take a personal tour of thousands of yachts from the comfort of your chair.

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